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HOW TO PAY FOR YOUR PURCHASE I only accept payment via Wise (formerly TransferWise) OR via MetaMask Wallet if you pay with USDT. If you need a free Wise (TransferWise) account Click here to register for free   PAYING IN USD … Read More

Affiliate / Resellers – White Label Option

You might recall that all the eBooks used to be available via ClickBank and as such affiliates or anyone interested in reselling them could participate in reselling them via ClickBank. However, as we no longer offer them via ClickBank we … Read More

Who Failed Who?

Over the years I have taught many roulette players and I have sold many of my books to those seeking a professional approach to playing roulette. I have met all sorts – but one thing was common – they were … Read More

European Roulette Wheel
‘Virtual Gains’ in a Roulette Progression

Don’t know what ‘virtual gains’ are? Let’s use an example to illustrate. Let’s say you are betting on the even-money bets such as BLACK / RED, EVEN / ODD, HIGH / LOW. The odds are just slightly less than 50-50 … Read More

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We are pleased to announce that there is now a FREE Membership Level and all existing Newsletter subscribers have been automatically upgraded with this FREE Membership. The FREE Membership entitles members access to free publications and to the free newsletter. … Read More