Auction Feature Suspended

Having conducted a 1-week trial run of the 24-hour auction, the conclusion is that there isn’t enough bidding activities to warrant keeping this feature so as of today the auctions feature is suspended until further notice. A big ‘Thank you’ … Read More

Membership Validity Extended

As of today, the validity period 5-Year Membership Levels have been extended. Previous 5-Years Membership Access has been extended to 8-Years Membership Access Existing members do not have to do anything – all accounts will be updated automatically at no … Read More

Auction Feature is LIVE

We are pleased to announce that we have today released an AUCTIONS feature whereby registered users can submit bids for live auctions. We will have just one active auction that will last approx. 24 hours only (+/- a few hours). … Read More


AUCTION ID DATE CLOSED WINNER USERNAME WINNING BID STATUS Auction-0001 15th May 2019 spencer US$190 Completed Auction-0002  16th May 2019  sharon  US$190  Completed  Auction-0003  17th May 2019 paulyten US$175  Completed Auction-0004  18th May 2019 kentboss US$170 Completed Auction-0005  19th May … Read More