FREE Membership Introduced

We are pleased to announce that there is now a FREE Membership Level and all existing Newsletter subscribers have been automatically upgraded with this FREE Membership.

The FREE Membership entitles members access to free publications and to the free newsletter.

There is currently just one free publication but over time more free titles will be released. Stay tuned!


7 Betting Strategies Decoded

Premium titles will still require a paid membership and with the easy payment options now split over 8 years, we have made it very affordable to get immediate access to all premium titles.

A couple of frequently-asked-questions regarding the easy-payment-plan:

FAQ-#1: Do I get immediate access to the full eBook / eBooks after the 1st payment in the first year?

YES of course you do!

FAQ-#2: What happens if I cancel the payment after the 1st year?

If you cancel or do not pay subsequent payments after the 1st year, you will not be able to access the respective publications with immediate effect.

So, yes you can read all you need to learn within the 1st year but you will no longer be able to reference the eBooks if you fail to make payments in subsequent years.