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Over the last year or so I have received numerous requests to offer lower-cost shorter-term membership options as many readers can’t afford the Standard Membership fee.

One of the reasons why I don’t bother with selling cheap eBooks (typically priced between $7 – $27) is because I am not just selling eBooks. There is long term on-going support to help players resolve any issues they may have in applying the methods. This requires time and effort which a low cost eBook simply does not cover.

However, I also appreciate that often times the price is simply out of reach due to individual’s circumstances. After much consideration, I decided to offer an easy payment option for the membership access so that those interested can have access and from time to time will email special time-limited offers to my newsletter subscribers.

The new membership structure that is now available does not apply to the latest releases – only titles released at least one year ago are being offered in the new membership options which are as follows:

Roulette eBooks

Updated as of 24th May 2019

  • 8-Years Membership Access to ALL titles above
  • Single Payment Option
  • Easy Payment Option of 12 x Monthly Payments

With the easy payment option, you will be granted immediate access and for the same 8-Year period.

The 12 monthly payments must be adhered to.

A missed payment will result in immediate suspension of your access.


For the full pricing options, please click this link

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