What is this all about?

HIPA.Life is a new and exciting ‘Learn & Earn’ platform offering e-Books and video courses covering various categories, and one of those categories is GAMES & ENTERTAINMENT which will include the TOP SELLING eBook titles below from both TheRouletteCode.com and TheBaccaratCode.com:

NOTE: The total retail value of all the titles listed above (if purchased separately) = US$1,485!

Access to HIPA.Life’s¬†DIGITAL VAULT requires an annual Membership Subscription and you get full access to ALL CATEGORIES! Now, read on till the end and you’ll understand how you can effectively have access to the DIGITAL VAULT for FREE!

Membership Subscription is US$150 per year, and it also qualifies you as an ACTIVE MEMBER to earn lucrative bonuses simply by referring others to take up the Membership Subscription. HIPA.Life has a built-in landing page / lead capture and Marketing Automation System (all included for FREE!) and all you need to do is share your personal referral link with others and when they click your link the system will take over. You don’t need to do any selling or have any expertise in internet marketing at all.

So, how do you get everything for “free”? Well, apart from the all-inclusive Marketing Automation System, there is also a built-in Automated Network Builder that will help you grow your personal network. To have a full understanding of how it all works, click this link and follow through.

Let’s assume you purchased the Membership Subscription for US$150. You are now an ACTIVE MEMBER and you will be qualified to refer and earn bonuses. All you need to do is successfully refer 3 others and you would have earned back your US$150. This is how you achieve it:

1st Active Member referred by you will earn you: US$20.00 (Instant Bonus)

2nd Active Member referred by you will earn you: US$20.00 (Instant Bonus)

3rd Active Member referred by you will earn you: US$20.00 (Instant Bonus)

PLUS you will also earn an additional bonus of: US$90.00 (Equalizer Bonus)

That’s a total of US$150! And your Membership Subscription is “FREE”!

After that, the built-in Automated Network Builder will build your network for you and you will start earning lucrative bonuses that can grow to quite substantial amounts and can provide you with a long-term passive income! To get the full scoop, click here now!