'The Ultimate Flat-Betting Roulette System'

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#1 What To Bet

This is the most critical bit of information which so many players lack. Without proper bet selection you are doomed.

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#2 How Much To Bet

You need to know how much to bet each spin. Without proper money management, your bankroll is doomed!

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#3 When To Bet

Timing is always critical. If you bet timely on a strong trend, you minimize your risk. Do you know how to do that?

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Ever Felt Like Giving Up?

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If you have ever set foot inside a real casino, you will recall the unmistakable lure and excitement of the roulette table with that little white ball spinning round and round in the opposite direction to the wheel with it's 37 pockets (for European wheels) seemingly waiting for the ball to drop as it decelerates one revolution after another.


You must have observed the expressions on the faces of players sat at the table and also felt the intense excitement of onlookers standing around the table and asked yourself....



“Is there a way to beat the wheel ?”




Ever since the invention of the game, people from all walks of life have attempted to create the ultimate 'roulette system' and many scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and even nuclear physicists, have created literally hundreds of systems that have had limited success.


Most systems focus on the betting aspects to try and overcome the house edge - which is literally impossible.


THE BIGGEST PROBLEM of any roulette player is the BET SELECTION process. With 37 numbers on a European Roulette wheel, it is indeed quite a daunting task to pick a winning number.


The intent here is to show you powerful ways of tracking results to identify trends which you can leverage on.


Following the highly popular 'Roulette Secrets Unveiled', Dr. Lim released another roulette book focused on a flat-betting strategy entitled 'Roulette Anti-X'.


roulette system - roulette anti-X


'Roulette Anti-X' is a flat-betting roulette system for those who do not like to play progressions. It is always wise to equip oneself with more than one strategy or approach to the game and 'Roulette Anti-X' is a unique and powerful strategy well worth having under one's belt.


  • Simple to understand & to master
  • Playable on both European and American roulette wheels
  • Flat betting = Low risk = Less stress
  • Not necessary to chart extensively before you start betting - not boring!
  • Low bankroll requirements
  • Money management & business planning for steady progress


So, is 'Roulette Anti-X' for you?


If you are sick and tired of losing to the casino all the time, this is for you!redtick

Frustrated with systems that failed to deliver on their promises? If Yes, this is for you!redtick

Need fresh, logical and powerful ideas to help improve your game? If Yes, this is for you!redtick

Most mathematicians are not gamblers and

most gamblers are not mathematicians!


I am sure you have come across online discussions in gambling forums where there will always be somebody (mathematician/s) tearing down on a system under discussion.


They use simulators to test all systems for hundreds of millions of spins and then report that it failed. Who cares really? Even for the most prolific gambler who can play say 16 hours a day, and play every single day for 20 years, that would total just 2,336,000 spins (on an average of 3 minutes a spin).


Real professional gamblers do not care if you have simulated results for 10,000,000 or 300,000,000 spins because the results are totally irrelevant because big data does not really apply when you play.


The reason is simple - with simulations and tests, every single spin is played and taken into account.


This NEVER happens in real live play!


It is extremely rare for a player to bet on every single spin in a session of roulette and that is why results from simulating hundreds of millions of spins are totally useless and irrelevant.


Nobody is disagreeing with what big data says, in fact, I think all professional gamblers acknowledge the facts.


However, when you play you are going to be concerned only with what is happening at that moment and the implications of big data can be safely ignored.


Anyone depending on the guidance of big data during live action should not be gambling at all, let alone gamble professionally!


Feeling confused and let down by other books?


Most roulette system books are either too mathematical (which doesn't help anyone because they cannot be applied) or they are just focused on the money management aspects and based on well-known methods such as The Martingale, The Labouchere, The D'Alembert, The Fibonacci, The Parlay, or variations of all of them.


However, without taking bet selection into consideration, these methods are not being optimally applied and will fail if simply applied mechanically.


It is fair to say that there's probably NO mechanical system that can beat the game. But our primary objective is NOT to beat the game!


Too many players spent too much time and money chasing after the 'Holy Grail'. They want to find the elusive system that they can apply like clockwork and win all the time without having to do any analysis.

I have bad news for players like that - you will NOT find this system and you are wasting your time and money trying.


You don't need to beat the game.


You just need to make a profit!



The point is, you do not need to beat the game all the time in order to make a profit, and presumably that is the common objective? - to make a profit?


If you agree then you are at the right place because we will open your eyes to various ways of tackling the game which you have never thought of before, and once you have these skills under your belt, you will be better equipped to give the casino a run for their money whenever you play roulette.


I am NOT promising you a 'Holy Grail' system here, but with the knowledge you gain, you can formulate your own strategy to suit your bankroll and your personal style of play.


Sounds logical to you?


A lot of mechanical players will read about a system will often just focus on these typical questions:


  • How many spins have you tested this on? Have you run it against a database of 300,000,000 spins?
  • What is the buy-in bankroll? What is the lifetime bankroll?
  • How many units can I make per session?
  • What is the maximum draw-down units ever?
  • ...and so on and so forth.


It doesn't really matter! Roulette is never going to be beaten mechanically so why worry about those issues? As mentioned earlier, nobody will ever play 300,000,000 spins in their lifetime. Irrelevant!


As for bankroll and winning units per session, that will depend on your personal plan and capacity. You only formulate your plan once you have the skills to do so.


What 'The Roulette Code' gives you are exciting ideas and guidelines that will increase your confidence. Fear is often caused by ignorance, and knowledge is power!


Remember, gambling is always risky!


If it was risk-free, casinos would not exist!


So what's the point of learning any skills at all?


The point is this: you are either going to gamble by random guessing, or you can gamble with intelligent guessing - the choice is yours. You must have heard this said before...



    - by Dr. Louis Pasteur, a French Chemist circa 1854


roulette strategy



Chance may bring you success on random occasions but that is not a long term viable approach. If you are serious about becoming a professional roulette player, being fully equipped and prepared will reflect your professionalism and commitment and consequently, your level of confidence will also increase.


A 'prepared mind' will prevent missed insights and opportunities for a breakthrough during your game. Random flashes of insight simply do not happen and there's no imaginary little birdy whispering in your ears to help you win.


Achieving success is simply not a result of random actions but they are directly linked to the time and effort you put towards data gathering, data analysis, strategizing, and eventual execution of your game plan.


Look at the stock market or forex traders - they call it investing right? But in reality, that is the biggest casino in the world. Every investment is a gamble is it not? Sure it is, nothing is guaranteed! Do you think these traders and investors are investing randomly or do they utilize various tools to make an informed decision?


Even then, NOTHING is guaranteed.


The same applies to the knowledge you will learn here - NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.




I want you to be absolutely clear about this. I don't want to give you any false promises of guaranteed 100% wins like many system sellers do.


On the contrary, I am going to tell you that even after you have learned the knowledge from here, you may still lose your bankroll at some point because there are just too many variables which are not predictable nor controllable and there will be that one occasion when you play 'the session from hell' and you will lose!


The sooner you accept this reality, the sooner you will be able to open your mindset to new ideas that can help improve your game while minimizing the risk of an all-out loss of your bankroll. And even if that did happen on a rare occasion, hopefully, you would have sufficient previous winnings kept in reserve to sustain the loss and ride out the perfect storm to fight another day.



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