GMail Outage and ADS 2.0 Availability Update

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Due to Google/GMAIL’s outage on the day ‘Advanced Difference System 2.0‘ [ADS 2.0] was released, quite a number of people on the mailing list received the email announcements later than usual.

As a result of not receiving the release announcement email in a timely manner, the chance of being the first three to purchase ADS 2.0 at the 1st Tier price of US$3,888 was missed. And due to several request to adjust and increase the number of copies available at the lower tiers, I have since made the adjustments.

There are now just 3 tiers with 12 copies available at each tier. Please get the updated offer here.

As a reminder to those who purchased RRDD, which is stated on the offer page, that all RRDD purchasers are entitled to a 50% discount of ADS 2.0. (Terms and conditions apply).