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Roulette Reverse Dynamic-D



As the saying goes, ‘necessity is the mother of inventions’ and this new publication is exactly the case. I last published a book on roulette over a decade ago and I had in fact stopped playing roulette for a number of years due to a change of personal focus.

When I did return to roulette playing again recently, naturally I utilised ‘The Difference System’ from my first book ‘Roulette Secrets Unveiled’.

‘The Difference System’, as fantastic as it is, however, has several issues that cannot be easily mitigated and they include the following:

1. The bankroll required for the maximum number of steps in the progression can be very steep and even if you have the bankroll, you may not be brave enough to play it towards the highest point!

2. In some casinos, the maximum to minimum bet ratio is too low and therefore the maximum number of steps is reduced and it can be tricky to overcome such limitations (can be done by customizing the progression to your specific needs – ask me how!)

3. Insufficient time to place all 9 bets especially when you go deeper into the progression, and the casino, being aware of your system play, purposely speeds up the game and can prevent you from placing all the 9 bets in time.

4. The most distressful and most damaging is the sudden divergence of fluctuation from the group you identified to a new group. This is a really difficult issue to overcome and can occasionally result in a very stressful session. The recommendations in ‘Roulette Advanced Dynamic-D’ (currently not available for purchase as it was a special bonus but may be released in due course) helped to minimize the chances of a total loss of bankroll but it did not fully resolve the issue of being caught in a frozen fluctuating group.

All the above experiences prompted me to dig up my huge archive of past records, including all the incomplete and unpublished experiments, in my renewed search for ‘the missing link’.

Years ago, I did some analysis and experimented on several approaches that leveraged on Dynamic-Ds because I had this niggling feeling that I was missing something there, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I did not pursue it further then, as I became fascinated with the game of baccarat and dedicated all my time to it and ended up publishing three baccarat books: ‘The Baccarat Code’ – ‘F-15 Baccarat’ – ‘Baccarat Advanced Dynamic-D’

My renewed research finally saw some light and after months of continuous testing and tweaking, it finally bore fruit and the result is this new system called ‘Roulette Reverse Dynamic – D’ (or RRDD for short) and it is ‘the missing link’ I had been searching for.

Is this the ‘Holy Grail’?

NO! – but don’t be disappointed just yet! – a ‘Holy Grail’, to me, is a system that can be played continuously and for every spin, and still end up positive i.e. it overcomes the house edge which we all know is not possible if you do that. However, this system is not played continuously and you do not bet every spin; there are guidelines to follow. This is a solid system best suited for table play – it can be quite a challenge to play online or on rapid roulette machines.

Please check out the latest publication ‘Advanced Difference System 2.0’ which I consider to be a better and easier strategy than RRDD.

Roulette Reverse Dynamic-D (RRDD) has also been updated with several memos since the first release and all memos are included with your purchase. Additional material in the memos include:

– option for double-group play

– elimination of the threat posed by ZERO

– alternative money management strategies (highly effective)

– improved bet selection from refined betting signal (simpler with higher accuracy)





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